Steak Fajita Pizza


Delicio is the home of Cincinnati's first coal oven. Our founders sought to develop a new type of pizzeria - one with handcrafted and innovative taste-profiles, served in a fun, comfortable setting. A place where simple, honest ingredients, cooked in a traditional coal-burning oven, could be transformed into adventurous new dishes.


Why Coal?

Sometimes you have to look to the past before you can move forward. The first pizza served in the United States back in 1905 was cooked in - you guessed it - a coal-burning oven! This might be the traditional cooking method, but it's definitely not the easiest. Coal creates an extreme degree of heat - upwards of 1100 degrees. Everything from ignition to ventilation to maintenance requires great attention and skill.

But the unmistakable taste makes it all worthwhile. It's that smoky-charred flavor you just won't find in any other oven.

Delicio Coal Fired Pizza



At Delicio Coal Fired Pizza, our pizzaiolos use a variety of coal called anthracite. Many people associate coal with billowing black smoke or faces smudged with soot. However, with anthracite, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anthracite produces a smokeless blue flame that burns cleanly with very little soot. In fact, it is more environmentally-friendly than wood fires or gas grills. Not to mention the high-intensity-heat that provides a flavor that cannot be replicated.